Hayward's Ice Cream Wholesale

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How It's Made

With flavors like "Cookie Dough Brownie", "Purple Panther", "Coffee Oreo" and "Fluffernutter" you will see and taste the difference. It's super premium ice cream like you've never tasted before.

Step 1

We use 3 Emery Thompson Batch freezers. Combined they pump out a whopping 90 gallons of our homemade ice cream per hour.

Step 2

We first pour in our special blend of cream.

Step 3

Ingredients and flavorings are then added to the mixture.

Step 4

...And more tasty ingredients.

Step 5

While the ice cream is freezing we gather the ingredients that get added by hand. (This flavor is using a Peanut Butter swirl).

Step 6

Once the ice cream is at the correct temperature, everything gets handcrafted together in reusable 3 gallon plastic tubs.

Meet Chris

Chris Ordway, Current owner and third generation Hayward, stands by one of the Emery Thompson Batch Freezers. (I think he’s waiting to taste the ice cream. Someone has to do quality control)